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  • We sell your products through our network

    It is simple. You simply add your products to Atosho and we push them into our extensive network of channel partners all over the world. You only have to ship the products and receive the payment.

  • Atosho gives you unlimited reach

    You can use Atosho as supplement to your existing webshop or simply as a massive tool to reach millions of consumers that you would never reach with your marketing tools.


Easy management

Your dashboard gives you a quick overview of your sales and direct access to order handling.

Customer services are also integrated directly in your administration interface to ensure you provide the best possible customer experience.

There is no need for third party applications - but it is your choice.

Dynamic pricing

Selling through Atosho is a no cure - no pay experience. You only pay a commission for each sale.

The commission is a percentage of the base sales price (ex. VAT and shipping costs) depending on the product category. Starting at 6% everyone can join Atosho.

See full price list below. All prices are ex. VAT.

Product category Commission
Personal Computer6.00%
Consumer Electronics7.00%
Large Appliances7.00%
Video Games, Music, DVDs & Blu-Ray10.00%
Music Instruments & Accessories12.00%
Tools & Home Improvement12.00%
Auto & Motorcycle parts12.00%
Office Products15.00%
Sports & Outdoors15.00%
Toys & Games15.00%
Grocery & Gourmet Food15.00%
Home & Garden15.00%
Health & Personal Care15.00%
Baby Products (excluding Baby Apparel)15.00%
Other products15.00%
Electronics Accessories15.00%
Clothing, Accessories & Luggage17.00%


Integrate Atosho directly into your own systems using our API. Get real time information about orders, customer requests, and product management.

Pay out

As an Atosho retailer you will get paid on a monthly basis directly to your bank account. The payment will be the full sales price for the products and shipping with deduction of our commission.